Labour Hire & Recruitment Services

Labour Hire & Recruitment Services

Specialised workforce management services.
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Mechanical & Rebuilding Services

Mechanical & Rebuilding Services

Discover our range of equipment services for mining & construction.
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Safety & Training Services

Safety & Training Services

Expertise and guidance for safety and training support.
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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

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FACE Contracting is a mining contracting outfit that specialises in delivering workforce management services, mechanical & rebuilding services, as well as safety & training consulting for a variety of project scopes and sizes in the mining and civil industries, including underground, surface, and civil projects.

Let us be your guiding light on your next project. Do it right the first time with FACE Contracting.

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FACE Contracting brings a unique mindset and approach to the table by valuing meaningful connections with our workforce, team, clients, and the wider industry and communities. At FACE, you’re not just a number.


When family values are well defined and reinforced in life, they become a part of who you are and how you act.

Health & Wellbeing

Our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are what we need to carry in life to the highest esteem.


The only thing you take out of life is the relationships you have in it, from all areas of life. 


Social interaction with others is important for staying connected and enjoying the community around us.

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Listen in on conversations shaping the industry. Each week, host Peter Finn brings you some of the top minds in mining to talk about active operations and new projects coming online, navigating a career in mining, news and innovation, as well as the unique challenges facing the industry.

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