The Need for Digital Adoption in Mining and the Key Elements for Success

With the technological advances in the mining industry steadily climbing to new and exciting heights, the industry needs to find novel ways to adapt and evolve in response to these changes. This is where Zane Prickett, a celebrated chemical engineer, comes in. On a recent episode of Full Production, Zane and I spent some time delving into the technological challenges … Read More

Get Your Mindset Right for Success in Mining

There’s no doubt that mining is full of opportunity and the potential for great wealth. But it can also be a hard taskmaster that, if your mindset isn’t right, can lead you down a path of disappointment. You don’t have to go too far to find tales of miners who have struggled with poor health, relationship breakdown, alcohol and drugs, … Read More

Why Opportunities Are Found and Not Made

Whilst there is somewhat of a mining renaissance happening, there are still some uncertainties attached to the market. I recently spoke with Declan Franzmann, the vice president of Black Mountain Metals, a company that mines rare earth metals used for electric batteries. We spoke at length about the new exciting, and pioneering technologies that could potentially utilize Australian mined resources. … Read More

3 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Recruits

The mining industry is forever evolving, and with it, the industry’s conduct should evolve too. On a recent episode of Full Production, I had the pleasure of chatting with the new GM at FACE Contracting, Dean Vallve. Dean is a mining engineer and geologist, with a wealth of knowledge relating to the mining industry. With our fascinating conversation still echoing … Read More

Miners’ Promise: What Is It and Why We All Should Be A Part Of It

It’s no secret that mining communities have suffered recently. The nature of FIFO work and other factors have diluted that feeling of being part of something bigger with a common cause. But it’s organisations like Miners’ Promise and what they do to support miners and their families in times of need that are bringing back that sense of community and … Read More

Opportunity Shines in the City of Gold

There’s nowhere quite like Kalgoorlie anywhere in the world. WA’s city of gold’s reputation might have been tarnished on occasion, thanks to the vagaries of mining’s notorious boom and bust cycles and economic forces. But the fact remains, it’s a city and a region that bounces back stronger every time, and right now there is great opportunities for anyone willing … Read More

Why Leading by Example is the Key to Inspiring Change

We all know that education and positive support is an integral part of any young person’s development. It can help shape who you are later on in life and put you on track to becoming a meaningful participant in society. My recent guest on Full Production is Henry Papertalk. Henry is the operations officer at the Clontarf Foundation in Kalgoorlie … Read More

The Art of Conversation and Building Your Mining Career

Miners aren’t known as great communicators. Surprised? I’m guessing not. If you’re like me, a miner myself who grew up in a mining family in a mining town, conversation wasn’t such a big thing. You get up in the morning, you go to the site, you work and you come home. What’s there talk about? Well, actually, plenty. The value … Read More

How to Identify What Really Matters to You

Key values — they’re the core belief systems that guide how we live our lives and present ourselves to others. Some people never give a thought to what drives them, but I think it’s one of the best things you can do for self-development. On the most recent Full Production, I was featured on The Inner Chief podcast with Greg … Read More