Why Leading by Example is the Key to Inspiring Change

We all know that education and positive support is an integral part of any young person’s development. It can help shape who you are later on in life and put you on track to becoming a meaningful participant in society. My recent guest on Full Production is Henry Papertalk. Henry is the operations officer at the Clontarf Foundation in Kalgoorlie … Read More

The Art of Conversation and Building Your Mining Career

Miners aren’t known as great communicators. Surprised? I’m guessing not. If you’re like me, a miner myself who grew up in a mining family in a mining town, conversation wasn’t such a big thing. You get up in the morning, you go to the site, you work and you come home. What’s there talk about? Well, actually, plenty. The value … Read More

How to Identify What Really Matters to You

Key values — they’re the core belief systems that guide how we live our lives and present ourselves to others. Some people never give a thought to what drives them, but I think it’s one of the best things you can do for self-development. On the most recent Full Production, I was featured on The Inner Chief podcast with Greg … Read More

Staying Fit As A Miner

Fitness is not something that most miners worry about. They spend a lot of their time either doing manual labour, or at least running around an office trying to get things done. The last thing we usually want to do is go to the gym. Though we’re active folks, we aren’t always perfect specimens of health. A lot of us … Read More

Tips for Maximizing Family Time as a Professional in the Mining Industry

If you’re in the mining industry, I can almost guarantee that you’re working crazy hours. Whether you’re underground, in an office or flying around the country, mining is not a profession that gives a lot of free time. That doesn’t mean you have to let your relationship with your family suffer. On the latest episode of Full Production, I spoke … Read More

4 Tips to Get Your Business Idea off the Ground

On the latest episode of Full Production, I spoke to Luke Buckland. For more than 12 years Luke’s been general manager of PJL Group, a massive mining engineering company that started as a homegrown operation with one underground concrete truck. Luke’s story is one of phenomenal growth. This week I wanted to provide some tips for anyone out there who … Read More

Debriefing The Worthy Parts Industry Link – Auction and Expo

If you made it out to the Worthy Parts Industry Link — Auction and Expo earlier in December, you already know that it was a cracking time. The expo — put on by my good mates at Worthy Parts — saw 108 different companies represented at 100 stalls. More than 500 pieces of high-tech machinery were exhibited and up for … Read More

Keep Your Mind Fit: Mental Health Resources for Miners

Something I’ve been aiming to do with the Full Production podcast and FACE, in general, provides resources for those in the mining industry — be it career planning, financial advice or mental health resources. As far as mental health, we have a lot of ground to cover in our industry. With long work hours, strenuous conditions and fly-in-fly-out keeping our … Read More

Finding Success, Resilience and Courage in Your Business

One of my favourite parts of hosting Full Production is talking to people who inspire me to give it my all when I wake up in the morning. People who have something in their mind that completely prevents them from slacking and being mediocre. My latest guest is one of these people, no question. Greg Layton is the founder and … Read More

Why We Should Focus More on Giving Back in the Mining Industry

On this week’s Full Production, I got to talk to a brilliant guy named John Player. John is director and principal geotechnical engineer at MineGeoTech, a company that does ground support response and design, assessment of ground conditions at mining sites, interpretation of seismic data and a host of other services. If that sentence makes your head spin, don’t worry, … Read More