The Key Elements to Building a Successful Workplace

The mining industry is full of fantastically creative minds – the problem is they aren’t often utilized. One man’s conundrum may be another man’s speciality, so skill sharing and communicating ideas could be a great way to problem solve and develop. Aaron Schier understands this all too well. He’s the new general manager CORE Innovation Hub and has learned first-hand … Read More

Why Focusing on Your Team and Future Can Support You Through Tough Times

The mining industry can be a turbulent career path to take. When you’re in, there is no certainty to the security of the market let alone how the dynamics within the workplace will work out. This is why it’s worth looking into a few factors, and considering how you can make your mining career a rich experience. On a recent … Read More

The Value of Respect and Experience In Your Career

Work can be tough, particularly in the mining industry. When you implement certain principles into your working life, it could help generate a better work environment, further your career as well as benefit those who work around you. I’m talking about discipline, practical experience and raising standards in industry relations. John Barnes is a South African expat currently stationed as … Read More

Rise to Your Potential in Mining: Tips From an Old Hand

Often the best way to see how to get ahead in your career (or life in general) is to see how others have done it before you. Seeing the path that they followed, the successes and the failures, and how they turned things around, can make your journey so much easier and, perhaps, open up paths that you never thought … Read More

The Hard Truth About The Workers’ Compensation System

It’s disappointing to see some people (and companies) that still see the workers’ compensation system as some sort of safety net for stupidity, there to pick up the pieces of lax standards or silly behaviour. Unfortunately, as some discover, the reality of suffering an injury and receiving compensation is a very, very different thing. The person who knows this better … Read More

Focusing on the Right People Will Ensure Your Mining Operations Success

Whether you’re in a management position or not, having the right team that is motivated to work effectively is incredibly important. On a recent episode of Full Production, I got talking to a friend of mine, Aaron Teo who is an experienced business development manager at Avid Group. Aaron knows how to sustain a happy, inclusive workforce that has longevity … Read More

The Need for Digital Adoption in Mining and the Key Elements for Success

With the technological advances in the mining industry steadily climbing to new and exciting heights, the industry needs to find novel ways to adapt and evolve in response to these changes. This is where Zane Prickett, a celebrated chemical engineer, comes in. On a recent episode of Full Production, Zane and I spent some time delving into the technological challenges … Read More

Get Your Mindset Right for Success in Mining

There’s no doubt that mining is full of opportunity and the potential for great wealth. But it can also be a hard taskmaster that, if your mindset isn’t right, can lead you down a path of disappointment. You don’t have to go too far to find tales of miners who have struggled with poor health, relationship breakdown, alcohol and drugs, … Read More